Open 7 Days A Week Until Midnight.

Mr. Steve’s Pawnshop provides the community easy access to money in times of need. Mr. Steve’s Pawnshop offers collateral for many items, WE PAY IN CASH. Including; Gold, Silver, Platinum, Jewelry, Watches, Diamonds, Coins, Bullion, TV’s, Laptops, Game Systems, High-End Bicycles, and many other items. Come in today and experience all we have to offer.

Mr. Steve’s Pawnshop is a family owned and operated business. It has served the Los Angeles area or over 30 years. It is owned and operated by its founder, Mr. Steve, and has over 5000 square feet of pre-owned Rolex watches, Diamonds, and Estate Jewelry in all of Southern California. Mr. Steve’s is a place where many celebrities and professionals look to purchase expensive merchandise at very deep discounts.


The store is conveniently located off the 10 freeway on Western and Exposition in the City of Los Angeles.

If you have any questions about us either stop by or call Mr. Steve personally at 323-735-0110.

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